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Armor Retirement's mission is to help people live in dignity and experience the retirement lifestyle they strove for during their working years. Our primary focus is working with persons approaching retirement to offer advice in structuring their retirement, as well as assisting retirees to manage their financial and lifestyle affairs. Our goal is to help retirees coordinate and manage their resources and assets to provide satisfaction, confidence and quality of life in retirement. We address retirement in three key areas as we develop strategies, solve problems and protect.   

We believe that in order to develop a comprehensive financial strategy for your future, it's important for your retirement professional to have a clear understanding of your goals and the progress you have made in obtaining them. An open, honest discussion allowing you to understand your options and consider strategies that can lead to quality of life in retirement is a great way to begin the process of gaining the retirement you’ve been working toward. At Armor Financial, we specialize in assisting you to retire with dignity and realize the value of the retirement you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Dan Barbara


Dan Barbara is the CEO and President at Armor Retirement Group. He has 13 years’ experience in the insurance and annuity industry and more than 20 years in financial services.  After ending his studies at the University of San Francisco, Dan followed a short professional baseball career by entering straight into a large financial services firm as chief marketing officer.  His background, knowledge and relationships quickly allowed him to create, build and grow the very successful firm we have today.

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